45th Anniversary Video Submissions


  1. 妳來海宣多久了?
  2. 妳對海宣印象最深的壹件事?
  3. 妳最希望海宣做的壹件事?/妳最希望海宣有什麽?
  4. 妳最想要身邊的誰信主?
  5. 妳最希望自己可以透過什麽方式服侍神?
  6. 請補充這句話:“我會為海宣的______ (教导/會友的关系/…) 向神禱告。”

* 請在視頻的開頭介紹自己的名字

* 請在個較少噪音的環境下錄制




  • WhatsApp: +1-416-854-8623(Victor Wang) 或 +1-905-920-2729(Ruth Pan)
  • 郵箱: hcac45anniv@gmail.com


Dear brothers & sisters, Give thanks to God that we here at HCAC are entering our 45th anniversary! We are pretty sure you have gathered a lot of thankful memories and experiences. Why not share some of your thoughts by recording a short video of less than three minutes to answer a few questions we have prepared below? Your input is very important to the whole congregation and it will be compiled into a video presentation to be played for our 45th Anniversary Celebration. Please join us!

  1. How long have you been to HCAC?
  2. What is the one thing that impressed you most at HCAC?
  3. What is the one thing you wish to see HCAC do/have?
  4. Amongst your friends and family, who do you wish most to see become a Christian?
  5. Which way do you wish to serve the Lord most?
  6. Please end your video with a prayer commitment, “I will pray for _(e.g. teaching/relationship between brothers & sisters/….) at HCAC”

* Please let us know your name at the beginning.

* Please record at a quiet place.

Reference videos can be found at the link below:


Please respond before July 15th with one of the followings:

  • WhatsApp: +1-416-854-8623(Victor Wang) or +1-905-920-2729(Ruth Pan)
  • Email: hcac45anniv@gmail.com

Please contact us if you have questions or concerns.
Please note, by sending us your video clip, you authorise us to use and edit the video at our discretion for the purpose and within the context of producing content for HCAC’s 45th Anniversary Celebration. We thank you all for your participation!